Sermon Questions for January 18, 2015

Sermon Questions

  1. What activity is a basic part of Christian life, according to the gospel teaching?
  2. How does Jesus tell his disciples that they ought to serve others?
  3. What does the clothing of John the Baptist suggest to the people who watched him?
  4. What does John say when he compares his baptism to the baptism Jesus provides?
  5. What will Jesus’ baptism do for us?
  6. Are Christians the only people who do good things? Explain why this matters.
  7. What does it mean to serve God from inside the Kingdom of God?

Small Group Questions

  1. What ways have you seen Christians serve Jesus very effectively?
  2. What ways do you most enjoy serving Jesus? Explain.
  3. Why do you think you serve in the ways you do?
  4. Are there things you do (good things) for others that are not linked toyour relationship with Christ? Why do you do them?
  5. Why does motive matter when it comes to the issue of serving others?
  6. Have you ever seen Christians who did little to serve others? Describe.
  7. Have you ever helped anyone else learn to serve in the Kingdom of God?

Going Deeper

  1. What thing would like to do to serve in the Kingdom of God?
  2. Do you feel God calling you to serve in a particular area?
  3. How do gifts and abilities factor into the idea of serving others? What things must be considered before starting to serve? Defend your opinion.

Sermon Text: Mark 1:4-11, Luke 9:23, & Mark 10:43-45