Sermon Questions for January 11, 2015

Sermon Questions:

  1. Why do gardeners prune bushes?
  2. Gardeners prune off healthy growth in order to encourage the fruitfulness of the plant. How might this principle apply to our lives
  3. What does it mean to stay connected to the vine? How do we “remain in Him?”
  4. How does fruit get produced?
  5. What command does Jesus repeat in this passage?
  6. What promise does Jesus make in this passage?
  7. How are the command and the promise related to one another?

Small Group Questions:

  1. Pruning is a basic function of gardeners. Have you ever felt pruned by someone who wasn’t your gardener? What was that like?
  2. Are you ever tempted to prune others? Explain.
  3. Are we assigned the job of pruning? In what ways are we responsible for one another?
  4. What are the conditions of the promise made to us concerning prayer?
  5. Who is Jesus talking about when he says, “Love one another?”  Explain.
  6. For whom are you asking? What do you desire for others?

Going Deeper

  1. Is there any prayer request for which you have lost hope?
  2. Are there things you are afraid to ask God for?
  3. Are there things you hope aren’t impossible for God, but you think might be impossible, so you are afraid to ask for them? Are you able to talk to God about this situation?