Sermon Questions for January 25, 2015

Sermon Text: John 1:35-51

Sermon Questions

  1. How is absolute freedom different from the kind of “freedom to make choices” that we experience?
  2. How does the fact that we live in relationships with other people limit our freedom?
  3. How do sinful actions limit our freedom?
  4. Do you have to be perfect to serve God? Explain your answer.
  5. How do you know when God is calling you to do something?
  6. What should you do if you think that God is calling you to do something or explore something, or become something?

Additional Scriptures

Romans 8:1-17
This passage suggests we are free to either serve God or serve ourselves. It assumes that if we serve ourselves, we will be governed by our sinful nature—that inborn part of us that tends toward selfishness. How is it possible, according to this passage, to live free of the power or pull of sin in our lives?

Galatians 5:1, 13-26
This passage also seems to say that we will either serve ourselves or serve God. We will know which we are doing by the fruit of our actions. How are you using your freedom?

Small Group Questions

  1. What kind of freedom does Christ have in mind for all of us?
  2. How are discipline (or training) and freedom related?
  3. What types of decision have you made that limit your freedom?
  4. Are there things you would like to do, however you know you are not free to do them?
  5. Is there anything you think God may be calling you to do, that you are not sure you are free to do? What would have to change for you to have the freedom you needed to say yes to God in this area?
  6. How do you find the freedom to be the person God has (or is) calling you to be?
  7. Discerning God’s will is sometimes a group process. Who serves as your sounding board when it comes to understanding and following God’s will?

Going Deeper

  1. Are there any fears in your life that handicap you, making it difficult to do what you think God is calling you to do? Are you willing to talk to anyone about this?
  2. What is the next step for you, when it comes to doing the things you think God is calling you to pursue?