Study Questions

Sermon Text: James 4:1-12

  1. Deep down in your heart, what do you want?
  2. Is there anything wrong with the interior goals that you have?

  3. Is there anything wrong with the way you pursue your interior goals?

  4. Is there any deception in your interior goals?  Do they mask other desires?

  5. Is there a difference between what you want, and what you think you should want?  Explain.

  6. Have you ever submitted your list of desires to God for consideration?

  7. Are there any adjustments to your list of desires that you need to make?

  8. Are you currently being tempted to realize your desires in a way that is not pleasing to God?

  9. Have you needed to resist Satan’s temptation to fulfill inappropriate goals or outcomes?

  10. Are you tempted to evaluate your goals based on the apparent goals of others around you?  Do you try to compare yourself with others?

  11. James invites us to “draw near to God.”  What would you need to do in order to do this?

To whom are you grateful for their godly influence in your life?  Is there a particular thing for which you are grateful?  What did they do, or what did they show you, or what did they provide for you?