Study Questions

Sermon Text: James 3

Sermon Questions

  1. What is the central topic of discussion in Chapter 3 of James?
  2. Why is a teacher powerful?
  3. Why is the tongue powerful?
  4. Why is the tongue so hard to control?
  5. What does it mean to deny the truth about the existence of bitter envy or selfish ambition?
  6. Should Christians seek to exert power?  When and how?

Additional Scriptures

Psalm 15
Here is a description of the person who pleases God.  What affinity do you find between these verses and James 3?

Psalm 34:8-14
What promises are made here by the Psalmist?  How does speech enter into the conditions of the promise?

Jeremiah 9:3-16
The judgment of God falls on Israel because of their lying and deceit.  What kind of picture does God paint concerning speech and the fruit of lying and deceit?

1 Peter 3:8-12
What is the main point of this passage?

Small Group Discussion

  1. Do you remember any examples of people who have tried to convince you of something that was completely wrong?
  2. Why does James advise people to avoid trying to be teachers?
  3. What is the relationship between our use of the tongue and the use of or pursuit of power?
  4. If both cursing and blessing come through the same tongue, what does that reveal about us?
  5. No one controls the tongue perfectly, James says.  He says that if you do, you are perfect.  How can he say that; what does he mean by saying that?
  6. What are the hallmarks of wisdom?

Going Deeper

  1. Are you harboring bitter envy or selfish ambition in your heart?  What about?  What for?  What will you do about this?
  2. How well do you control your tongue?
  3. How well would others say you control your tongue?  Do you have the courage to ask someone you love how well you do at this?