Study Questions

Sermon Questions

  1. Is it an error to make plans?  Explain. 
  2. What kinds of plans have the potential to create trouble for us? 
  3. What three things might we do to remind ourselves that we are mortal, and to keep us from arrogance?
  4. Why must we create space in our lives into which the Spirit can speak?
  5. What does it mean to say, “If God wills . . .” whenever we make our plans? 

Additional Scriptures

Luke 12:13-21 and 22-34
God addresses our physical needs as well as our tendency to hoard.  What do you feel when you read these verses?

Small Group Discussion

  1. Are you superstitious?  Explain how. 
  2. Is there anything wrong with making plans?  When is it good to make plans? 
  3. How does tithing help us rely on God?  Do you have any tithing stories you would like to tell? 
  4. How do you deal with the fact that you will not live forever?  Do you have a will prepared? 
  5. Are you distractible, or is deviating from your daily agenda too difficult to consider? 
  6. When was the last time God got your attention and altered your plans?  Explain. 
  7. Is there a current need that exists around you in the lives of others to which you are especially sensitive?  Do you suspect God may be trying to say something to you about this?

Going Deeper

Is there an area of your life where you have heard God speaking to you to do a certain good thing, but where you are reluctant to obey, or are dragging your feet?  Can you figure out why?