Study Questions

Sermon Text: Mark 2:13-22

Sermon Questions

  1. What kind of people does Jesus call to follow Him?

  2. What kind of people does Jesus associate with?

  3. What does Jesus say He came to do?

  4. What accusations do Jesus’ critics make against Him?

  5. Why does Jesus say that His disciples are not presently fasting?

  6. What do Jesus’ words, “No one sews a piece of unshrunk cloth on an old cloak” mean?

Additional Scriptures

Romans 5:1-11
Verse 6 reminds us of the focus of God’s attention. How does this statement, when combined with Jesus’ lifestyle choices complement one another? How is this an example to us?

James 2:1-13
What does James say about showing favoritism?

Small Group Questions

  1. Have you ever felt discriminated against because you were not as wealthy as others? (Or perhaps lacking in some other skill or pedigree or accomplishment) What was that like?
  2. What is the full description of the mission of Christ? Don’t try to be brief, be comprehensive.
  3. Who will Jesus use to accomplish His mission? Explain, specifically, why status, accomplishments, possessions, etc. do not enter into the discussion.
  4. What role does fasting play in your lives? What is the purpose of this spiritual discipline?
  5. How do you celebrate the presence of Jesus?
  6. What does it mean to imitate Christ, if He is going to make the kinds of choices He made in this passage?

Going Deeper

  1. Who are you in Christ? Are you one of the saints? How convinced are you of this identity?
  2. Are there any OLD things about your faith or practice that you need to jettison, if you are going to be able to accept the NEW things Jesus is bringing?