Study Questions

Sermon Text: Mark 2:23 through Mark 3:6

Sermon Questions

  1. Why was “grabbing some grain to chew on” a crime to the Jews?
  2. Why did God give us the command to keep the Sabbath?
  3. Why were there folks in the synagogue looking for a reason to accuse Jesus. What does that tell you about their motivation for synagogue attendance?
  4. In this miracle, (Chapter 3, withered hand) who exercises faith to accomplish this healing?
  5. What distressed Jesus the most in this situation in the synagogue?
  6. What is hardness of heart?
  7. How is living like a son different from living like a servant?

Additional Scriptures

Romans 3:21-31
This is a statement of the relationship between law and righteousness. What does Paul say the relationship between the two is?

Romans 14:13-23
What are important components of the Kingdom of God, listed here?

Galatians 5:13-21
Life by the Spirit is life in the Kingdom of God. How do we live life “by the Spirit?” What principles are involved?

Small Group Questions

  1. If the Sabbath is a gift for humanity, what kind of gift is it?
  2. When does a gift cease to be a gift, and start to be an irritant?
  3. Are there other things that may be a part of the law, things meant as gifts, but that no longer serve us?
  4. Is Jesus telling the Pharisees that they can ignore the law? Explain.
  5. How does Jesus’ explanation of Mark 2:27 and Mark 3:4 help us understand his intentions? How does this govern our behavior?
  6. What is it about Jesus’ actions in the synagogue that cause the leaders to want to kill him?
  7. Do you understand the nature of the family business of the Kingdom of God?
  8. What is it? Is there a primary means of operation that comes with that mission statement? Explain.

Going Deeper

  1. How does the manner of Jesus’ life influence yours on a daily basis?
  2. Do you feel competent to make decisions about the business of the Kingdom based on the level of your intimate knowledge of how the Kingdom operates? Explain.