Study Questions

Sermon Text: James 1:19-27

Sermon Questions

  1. What produces the righteousness that God desires?  What does not?
  2. How do we often deceive ourselves, according to James 1:22?
  3. How does the work of personal transformation usually work in the lives of Christians?
  4. What is often the most difficult part of our personality to control?
  5. Describe the two major areas that "Religion to God" always includes?

Additional Scriptures

Galatians 6:1-10
What types of "Doing Good" are described in this passage?  Why is humility a necessary part of doing good?

Romans 12:3-16
There are several interesting phrases in this section.  Consider vs. 9: Sincere love is evidenced by actions.  What kind of actions, according to these verses?

Small Group Discussion

  1. How quickly do you become angry?  Why is it more difficult to be patient at certain times rather than others?  What are your triggers, in terms of anger responses?  What creates a trigger, do you think?
  2. Who do you know who is quick to listen?  How do you feel when someone demonstrates good listening habits with you?
  3. Would anyone describe you as "slow to speak?"  How do you feel about that?
  4. The above attributes/actions feel like they are specific to certain personalities.  Does having a talkative or more emotional personality exempt a person from the advice given in James 1?  Is a person who is, by personality, quiet and subdued in conversation more spiritually mature than those who are not?  Explain.
  5. How much damage can the tongue really do?
  6. What blessing is described in vs. 22-25?  What are we warned against here?  Have you ever had an experience like that?  Will you share that?
  7. James points out two areas that must be expressed in verses 26 and 27.  Do you know folks who have one area, but lack the other?  What is the result of that?

Going Deeper

  1. Is your tongue under control . . . all of the time, some of the time, rarely, never?  Are you satisfied with your answer?  What will you do about that?
  2. Are the two areas of expression, when it comes to acceptable faith, in balance in your life?  Are there adjustments to be made?  What should they be?