Study Questions

Sermon Text: Hebrews 9:11-15; Christ, Our Priest, Our Sacrifice

  • What does the symbolism of banishing the goat teach us about sin in our lives?  Hebrews 9:11
  • Jesus functions as our perfect priest.  What is perfect about his priesthood?
  • He doesn’t need to present any sacrifice for his own sin . . .
  • Human priests needed to repeat the sacrifices daily.  How is it different for Christ?
  • Human sacrifices only removed external or ritual uncleanness.  What does Christ’s sacrifice accomplish?
  • Human priests served as a mediator between God and man.  Why is the contact between God and man more effective when mediated by Christ?
  • Human priests couldn’t change the way humanity approached God.  The sacrifice of Christ opened a new way of connection.  What is the new way like?