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Sermon Notes

At least 22 different words or forms of words carry the meaning of sin in the New Testament.  Sin is missing the mark, acting contrary to the will of God, transgressing the law of God, committing an injurious act against another person and creating a moral debt, being unscrupulous, causing injury through ignorance, to entice or tempt another to sin, causing someone to stumble, and a state of sinfulness as a part of someone’s nature.  These scriptures outline some of the issues:

Romans 3:21-26           Sin is universal.  Everyone has sinned.
James 1:13                    God doesn’t tempt people to sin.
Romans 1:18-25           God punishes sin in this life by allowing us to endure the consequences of our sins.
1 Corinthians 6:9-11   Sinful acts, which result from choosing to please fleshly desires, will keep us from participation in the Kingdom of God.
Galatians 5:19b-20      Same as above.
Jeremiah 14:99ff          A prayer for forgiveness.
Ezra 9:8-15                     An acknowledgement of our condition, unworthy to stand before God.

Terms that detail sinful expressions:  Anxiety, Unfaith, Pride, Desire to Possess, Self-justification, Cruelty, Blasphemy.