Study Questions

Sermon Questions

Sermon Text: John 13:31-38

  1. Who is the audience for these words of Jesus?
  2. What has happened just before this passage in the Gospel of John?
  3. Why does Jesus wash his disciple’s feet?
  4. Have you ever done anything that you think fits into the same category as feet washing?
  5. What is the new command that Jesus gives?
  6. Why are the words, “Just as I have loved you” an important key to understanding the command?
  7. Who are we supposed to love in this new way?
  8. What will happen to those who are around us as a result of the way we express love to one another?
  9. Why does Paul say the church that has lawsuits among its believers is completely defeated already?
  10. What do you need, at the center of who you are, if you are going to love others sacrificially?