Study Questions

Sermon Questions

Sermon Text: Amos 7:7-9; Luke 10:25-37

  1. What is a plumb line?  What is its purpose?
  2. What does Jesus say must be done to inherit eternal life?
  3. Why does the young man ask Jesus to identify who his neighbor is?
  4. Who do you think your neighbors are?  (Can you list several names?)
  5. How does the fact that Jesus uses a Samaritan as an example impact us today?
  6. How are you doing at being a good neighbor?  How much time do you invest in that endeavor?
  7. If everyone is supposed to use the same plumb line to build their houses, does that mean that every house will look the same?  Explain.
  8. What does the plumb line provide for us?  Is it working for you?