How to Get involved

Women’s Ministries is very active at the Manchester Church of the Nazarene. There are many ways that you can get involved:

  • Serving on the Women’s Ministries Committee
  • Making food
  • Decorating
  • Organizing activities
  • Setting up our event location
  • Sharing your testimony
  • Cleaning up afterwards
  • Providing transportation
  • Providing childcare during events
  • Providing craft instruction

For further information or to volunteer, contact Sue Donnelly:

We’re Serious About Service

Our Mission is to create opportunities for women to

  • Grow in Christ
  • Connect with other Women
  • Share our Faith
  • Demonstrate God’s love for others
  • Encourage and stand with those in need

Opportunities for fellowship, fun, service and spiritual growth are offered throughout the year.

Explore the many exciting possibilities Women’s Ministries at MCN offers YOU!


This wonderful ministry allows us to show love and care for those in our congregation that temporarily need meals due to illness, recovery, or other reason.

Denise Curran heads up this effort by using a computer program called “Take Them A Meal”.  The names and email addresses of volunteers are entered into this program, and then when a need arises Denise sends an email so that volunteers can sign up for specific days and list the meal they are planning to bring so that duplicate meals are avoided. Information is provided to the volunteers about any special dietary concerns.  The volunteers then deliver the meals to the individual’s home or follow other directions sent in the email.  If you can make a meal but need someone to deliver it, please contact Denise or the church office.

This ministry has blessed so many during times of crisis, and you can be a part of this outreach! To volunteer to prepare and deliver an occasional meal, please contact: Denise Curran at

Celebrating Life’s Events

Women’s Ministries at MCN helps with wedding showers, baby showers, and funeral receptions. There aremany opportunities to help with these events:

  • Making Food
  • Making Phone Calls
  • Shopping for paper products
  • Decorating
  • Organizing Games
  • Ordering/Pick up Cakes
  • Room Set Up
  • Room Clean Up

To volunteer, please contact: Phyllis Cornell at