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Sunday School 2019-2020

Our Sunday school program takes place from the first Sunday in September through the last Sunday in May. When Sunday school is in session, it begins at 9:30 and concludes at 10:30. (The worship service begins shortly afterwards at 10:45.) We continue, through the summer months, to provide childcare for children not yet in Kindergarten during the worship service.  Click on the button below to register your child/teen for our 2019-2020 Sunday school program, or you can register at church.

Children's Ministries Overiew

The development of children is central to the ministry of MCN. This emphasis is expressed in the following ways:

  • A graduated Christian education program for all ages each Sunday morning.

  • Age appropriate activities planned for families with children.

  • Careful monitoring, with training and background checks, of all adult workers.

  • Seasonal programs, like Vacation Bible School and dramatic musical productions.

  • Involvement by children in the regular worship services.

  • Summer camping ministries, sponsored by our district church and supported locally.

  • Age appropriate children’s church during a portion of the morning worship service.

  • Nursery and toddler’s rooms staffed during morning worship services.

It is our desire that all of our children will grow up knowing the love of God, and will see that love modeled in the lives of the adults that surround them in the community of faith.

"Our children will define the future, which makes them our most significant and enduring legacy.  After all, God never told His followers to take over the world through force or intelligence.  He simply told us to have children and then raise them to honor God in all they do.  Therefore you might logically conclude that bearing and raising children is not only our most enduring legacy but also one of our greatest personal responsibilities . . . With widespread accessibility to the Internet, millions of Americans have jumped into investing in stocks, bond and other financial instruments. The hope of amateur investors is to strike it rich by achieving a great return on investment.  Yet, if we could see the world through God's eyes, we would quickly recognize that the only return on investment that truly matters is lives transformed to love God more deeply and obey Him more perfectly.  As you ponder how to invest your personal resources of all types - time, money, experience, ability, facilities, expertise and so on - keep in mind that there is no better investment than nurturing our youngsters for an eternal payback."

Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions by George Barna.

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