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MCN’s ENC Scholarship Description
2018/19 Academic School Year

A scholarship has been established at the Manchester Church of the Nazarene to assist Christian young people in furthering their education and walk with Christ. The scholarship opportunity may be granted to those who meet the following requirements

  1. The candidate must be a graduate of The Cornerstone Christian School and/or a member of or regularly attends the Manchester Church of the Nazarene (MCN).
  2. The student has applied, been accepted and received their official award letter from Eastern Nazarene College (ENC), which outlines all Institutional Aid, as well as Federal Aid from the FASFA.
  3. The student must be in/applying for the full-time undergraduate program. Full time is defined as at least 12 credit hours per semester.

The intention is to award 4 year scholarships whenever possible, with future year awards dependent on acceptable academic performance (3.0 GPA) and remaining in good standing with the college. Scholarship awards are eligible for the ENC 2:1 match up to $500. (The match is an ENC initiative.) Depending on funding, typical awards will be $2,000 to $5,000 per year including the match and subject to available funding.

In evaluating the scholarship award, the committee will consider financial need, type of major, academic potential, extracurricular activities, demonstrated leadership ability, church involvement, volunteerism and other pertinent information of the candidate. The scholarship committee will work with the college to try to enhance the individual financial aid package with a goal of encouraging the student to make ENC their choice for college.

A scholarship application must be completed and submitted along with the official award letter from ENC. Completion of this application does not guarantee a scholarship award. In submitting this application, you are also agreeing to give the MCN Scholarship Committee and Eastern Nazarene College permission to share all information submitted to the church and the college, to verify your high school record with your guidance counselor, and to discuss your financial awards.

The decisions of the Scholarship Committee and Church Board are final. Awarded scholarships will be paid in two installments, half at the beginning of each semester. Applicants are encouraged to submit the paperwork as early as possible, by February 15th at the latest. Late submissions will be accepted whenever possible, so please call to confirm the possibility of late awards. Questions regarding this scholarship may be addressed to the MCN Office, 860-646-8599, or Pastor Dan Whitney at dan.whitney@mcnaz.com.

You can download and print the scholarship application by filling out the form at the button below.

Manchester Church of the Nazarene
218 Main Street, Manchester, CT 06042
860-646-8599 dan.whitney@mcnaz.com

To begin the application process to apply to attend ENC, use the link below: